Vinwood Caterers

Let’s do this! You are the heart of our events. We are here with you! You have plenty else to worry about—and we are here to help navigate your celebration in these uncharted times.

From rescheduling with your venue and coming up with alternatives for seasonal menu items to understanding contracts and communicating with vendors on your behalf, our Vinwood Team is here to help you navigate postponing your wedding as seamlessly as possible. You worry about staying safe and celebrating your love story—and we’ll shoulder the rest. We will get through this together! Remember, although the world has changed, your love and togetherness is not going to change. Right now you might be making adjustments, but you can’t cancel love. You will get your magical gathering, and it will feel that much sweeter. We are right here with you!

For those who are looking into 2021 remember, we are certain that everyone will be so ready for a celebration of joy – and your wedding will be an opportunity for everyone to come together in celebration of your love, your story and the next chapter ahead for all of us. There are magical, meaningful and sentimental weddings to look forward to!

Elegant or simple, unique or traditional, your memorable and distinctive catered occasions begin and end with Vinwood.

Remember… The Party Starts Here.